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Green Garden Straw

Green Garden Straw

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Choosing a straw rope wholesale manufacturer to tie the ropes to the trees is generally a new transplanted tree, in order to prevent trees from being transported. The bark is damaged and affects the survival rate of the tree. Generally, the straw rope is wrapped on the root ball and the trunk of the main trunk, which not only prevents the bark from being damaged, but also prevents the sunlight from directly shining on the trunk. This is the key technology to improve the survival rate of tree transplants. Some precious trees not only have to wrap the straw rope, but also build awnings for the trees to ensure the survival of the tree transplant.

The straw rope is processed by straw, so the straw rope is not polluted by the environment. It belongs to a green price product. The use of straw rope is still very large, but what factors will affect the grass. What is the effect of the rope? The wholesale manufacturer of straw rope tells you.

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First: Everyone knows that quality is very important no matter what you choose. Therefore, if you want to ensure the use of straw rope, you must choose a good quality straw rope. .

Second: If you want to ensure the quality of the straw rope, you should pay attention to the choice of the grass rope manufacturer, you must choose a regular manufacturer, do not buy straw rope in some small places.

Third: There is also an important point. When choosing a straw rope, you must first look at the quality. You can look at the production process of the straw rope and the color to judge the quality of the straw rope.

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