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Wholesale bags

Wholesale bags

Product Details

Straw bags can be packed or used as bags, but mainly used as flood control bags. Construction of dams for flood control and flood control can also be used to package some iron products or machinery. Sand curtain wholesale What are the advantages that have to be said?

Specifications: 50*70, 50*80, 50*90, 60*90, 70*90, can also be customized according to customer needs.

Gross weight: Different specifications and different weights.

Uses: oil and gas pipeline slope protection, pipeline maintenance, spinning flood control, coal cover, etc.

Ingredients: Straw


1. The straw bag is light in weight and convenient for transportation.

2, high tensile strength, no need to worry about the straw bag being torn in use.

3, the grass straw is evenly distributed, avoiding the appearance of holes, even if the grain seeds are not leaked.

4, low cost, simple production, but also solve the problem of stacking grass straw, without burning environmental protection and energy saving.

5, straw straw wholesale straw bags are widely used, not only for holding things, but also for flood control work of dams.

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