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Precautions for grass brick manufacturers in choosing grass brick walls
- 2019-07-23-
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The grass brick wall is a wall made up of grass bricks and plaster layers. A complete plaster layer protects the grass from wind and rain and pests. The plastering layer can also increase the hardness of the wall and increase the structural strength. The plastering is the last process of the wall. To have a beautiful and durable wall, high-quality materials should be selected and carefully constructed. The preparation work before the plastering of the grass brick wall should start from finishing the surface of the grass brick, then check the verticality and flatness of the grass brick wall, cut off the excess straw, and fill the gap with pine grass or grass mud. Next, let's take a look at the things that need to be taken care of when selecting the grass brick wall for the grass brick manufacturer.

Can only be used for dry, regular grass bricks.

The gap between the grass bricks must be stuffed with hay to enhance its insulation.

The gap between the upper ring beam and the grass brick should be paid more attention. It is sloppy to use the hay to stuff it.

Before plastering, loosen the loose grass on the grass brick wall to make it easy to plaster.

Grass brick manufacturers

High quality grass brick walls should be dry, flat and dense. Between the grass bricks and the grass bricks, the contact between the grass bricks and the upper and lower ring beams and the brick columns is real and seamless. Eight, windows

In order to make better use of solar energy, the windows on the south side should be larger. The north window should be small to reduce the impact of the northwest wind in winter.

requires double-glazed windows.

An integral concrete slab is required as the sill. There should be a 5CM thick foam board as the insulation layer in the middle.

Grass brick manufacturers should have linoleum as a moisture barrier between the grass bricks and the window sill. The linoleum paper should extend at least 10 cm downwards at the same time inside and outside the wall. The linoleum paper should be attached with a wire mesh for easy plastering. Please see the specific details.

The sill should be 3-5cm wider than the inner and outer walls after the ash is finished. The windows on both sides are the same.

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