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The practical methods for the feed of Deqin agricultural straw are as follows:
- 2019-07-23-
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Several practical methods for the feed of Deqin agricultural straw are as follows:

1. Short and smash Cutting the straw into straw powder is the simplest and most common method for treating straw. The short and pulverized grass powder is convenient for cattle and sheep to feed and chew, speeding up the rumen speed, reducing energy consumption, and improving feed intake and utilization. Studies have shown that animals can increase feed intake by 20% after cutting and smashing. 30%, the suitable length of cattle is 4 to 6 cm, and the suitable length of sheep is 2 to 3 cm.

2, soak the straw into the water for a period of time, depending on the season and temperature Depending on the degree, this method can soften the fibers in the straw. Improve their palatability. Add a certain amount of salt during the soaking process. Mixing a certain amount of concentrate during feeding can not only improve palatability, feed intake and digestibility.

 Straw feed

3 After processing into pellets, the straw is crushed, according to a certain feed formula, and other agricultural and sideline products.

Straw contains 3% to 5% crude protein, 1% crude fat, and coarse gray powder, about 17%. The proportion of silicate is relatively large, and the calcium and phosphorus are low, which can not meet the nutritional needs of livestock growth and reproduction. Most farmers directly feed the straw to the animals, ignoring the comprehensive treatment, combined utilization and nutritional supplement of the straw feed. To effectively use straw Feeding cattle and sheep should fully understand the limitation of the nutritional value of straw, and correctly apply the straw pretreatment method and the nutritional supplement rule. Combinations increase their nutritional value.

The amount of straw produced in rural areas is huge, and the burning of straw is repeatedly prohibited. The feed utilization of straw can effectively solve the incineration and increase the feed source of livestock, which has both ecological, economic and social benefits. Straw is used directly as feed, with poor nutrition and serious waste. After treatment by physical or microbiological treatment. It can improve the nutritional value and palatability of straw, improve the utilization rate, and is conducive to the growth of livestock.

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