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The straw manufacturer explains the oil absorption effect of the straw curtain
- 2019-08-23-

When it comes to drafting curtains, most people think that it is used as insulation for greenhouse fruits and vegetables, but it also plays a role in oil adsorption. Grass curtains have become an indispensable part of agricultural production. This is what our straw manufacturers know. In recent years, grass curtains have not only become a member of agricultural production, but have also become ubiquitous in various industries. One member.

The application range of straw curtains is constantly expanding. If it is paving, there is no requirement! If it is best not to use the grass for decoration, it will be more suitable for the grain grass can be used for fuel, but also for fertilizer, in some restaurants or art galleries. The landscape formed by the grass curtains can also be seen everywhere, and different straw curtains have their different uses.

In order to meet the needs of consumers, our straw manufacturers are constantly innovating in technology. We hope to produce products that satisfy you through the selection of materials and the innovation of processing technology.


If there is a large amount of gasoline leakage, we can use the straw curtain to absorb the oil without the dispersant and the linoleum. The advantage of using the straw curtain is that it is cheap, convenient and practical, and more importantly, it is beneficial for degradation. Handle so that it does not pollute the environment.

The straw curtain is made from rice straw as a raw material through a simple straw curtain. The length of the straw curtain is 2 meters long and 3 meters long. The straw bag is thin on the thin and thick, and only one rice straw is arranged. Cheng, as thin as a curtain, the main purpose is very broadly applicable to: porcelain factory, brick factory, prefabricated machinery factory, greening company, construction and so on.

The use of straw curtains: street greening, solar greenhouse insulation, construction site concrete moisture preservation, green winter insulation, transportation of fruits and vegetables, protection and protection.

Our company is a professional straw manufacturer, and we welcome consumers to come to our company to choose the cheap straw products.

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