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The difference between the concave grass pad of the grass pad wholesaler and other ordinary grass pads
- 2019-07-23-
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With the continuous development of technology, the specifications and performance of grass mats have been further improved. Due to the outstanding advantages, many similar products have been slowly replaced. What is the difference between concave grass pad and other common grass pad? Deqin agricultural grass pad wholesale manufacturer to answer your questions.

1. The grass stems of the concave grass support cushions are compacted with steel wire hoops, and the friction coefficient with the steel plate is not less than 0.42.

2. When producing the concave grass support pad, it must first pass through the filler, then pressurize and then finalize the pressure to obtain the finished concave grass support pad.

3, concave grass pad and ordinary grass pad used in the production of abrasive tools and ordinary grass pad production mold, concave grass pad using "Ma tooth" mold internal stereotype, pressure greater than 500kN, This makes the concave grass pad which is produced more slippery, wear resistant and not easily damaged.

Grass support wholesale

The concave grass support has 3t, 5t, 7t, 9t, 12t, 15t, 20t, 25t and 30tL grass support pads. You can choose the concave grass pad that suits your needs.

A grass support pad that enhances the integrity of the grass pad body. The type relates to a cargo support pad, and in particular relates to a grass pad. A grass support pad comprising a pad body and a bundling wire for binding the pad body, the pad body being composed of a longitudinally laid grass stem, a connecting rod and a grass stem that is sleeved on both sides of the connecting rod; the longitudinally laying grass The stem is lapped with a grass stem that is sleeved on both sides of the connecting rod.

The grass pad of the wholesale factory of Deqin Agricultural Grass Pad is made by high-quality dry straw machinery. The grass is evenly distributed during the processing, the fiber is smooth, and the water content of the straw is kept. Within 16%, there are also requirements for the wire binding part and friction coefficient of the grass pad.

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