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Ningxia Deqin Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, Address: Lingwu City, Ningxia, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, a site area of 155 acres, production equipment: 150 units, 350 company personnel, including 8 management personnel, the main business is Planting, acquisition, processing and internet sales of crops and pastures; acquisition and processing; animal husbandry and sales; acquisition, production and internet sales of grass products; grass products produced by grass bags, straw curtains, straw ropes wholesale, grass bricks, Wholesale grass mats, sand-proof and sand-fixing straws (custom sand curtains for sand control) package straw, art grass products, etc. In recent years, the company's business has been continuously expanded, and 30 companies have signed sales contracts with annual sales of 65 million yuan. 10 million pieces of products, using 35,000 tons of various straw, is 30% of the planting area in Ningxia.

The company strengthens scientific and technological innovation.  Continuously increase funding, carry out technology research and development and product innovation, benefit from science and technology, enhance enterprise vitality and market competitiveness, improve the utilization efficiency of grass products, extend the industrial chain, and enhance the added value of products. They have applied for 2 invention patents respectively. “An environmentally-friendly straw-making method” and “a special straw rope”; applying for three utility model patents, namely “a recyclable straw-woven product equipment” and “a railway transportation grass support cushion”, A special environmentally friendly straw rope."  Improve straw recycling and reuse, product promotion awareness, apply for registration of “Deqin” trademark, register and protect 10 major categories, “Deqin” trademark was incorporated into Ningxia Famous Trademark Library in 2017, and the company was selected by Lingwu Science and Technology Bureau as “ The three districts "talent support plan technology enterprises, legal persons were rated as outstanding science and technology commissioners, Deqin grass products 2016 was named Lingwu City model society, in 2017 was named Yinchuan City Model Society.

Company operation mode:

The company mainly adopts the operation mode of company + cooperative + farmer + base. The company is mainly responsible for external sales, establishes an independent website, and uses the e-commerce platform BTB, BRC to conduct online sales; promote products, create brands, sign sales contracts, and implement orders. Sales, the realization of the purchase and marketing of raw materials and products; cooperatives are responsible for organizing farmers to produce products, strictly in accordance with product orders, standard specifications, strict quality control, and do a good job in raw material storage and management.  Farmers participate in the production of products and receive remuneration according to their work.  The company established a raw material production base and signed a raw material purchase contract with the planting enterprises and farmers.

Economic and social benefits:

As a leading enterprise in industrialization, the company has played a positive role in promoting local economic development, driving farmers to employ 350 people and achieving an annual increase of 30,000 yuan per peasant. The company actively participates in industrial poverty alleviation, attracts poor households and disabled people to work, and signs long-term with them. Employment contract.  The development and utilization of grass products has turned abandoned straw weeds into valuable products, realized agricultural recycling, sustainable development, and prevented environmental pollution, economic benefits, social benefits and ecological benefits.

Ningxia Deqin Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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